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Building and Rebuilding: Unique Blogs on Industrial and Manufacturing Pursuits

Hi. Thank you for reading my blog. I have always loved working with my hands, and my favourite book is "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance". This book explains the importance of fixing things correctly, regardless of how long it takes. It talks about building and rebuilding, and it links the act of fixing a motorcycle to the art of living. I believe it's important to take that concept into every aspect of life including manufacturing. I have been around the manufacturing industry for years, and I've seen what works and what doesn't. In this blog, I hope to provide unique perspectives on industrial and manufacturing pursuits. I hope that my ideas lead you and your business to creating better products, seamless processes and happier, healthier employees. My name is John, and thank you for reading!



3 Reasons to Use a Jackhammer Trolley on Your Flooring Demolition

There are several flooring projects you may take on that require flooring demolition. For example, you may be removing tile from a room in your home. You may also have a slab from a storage shed that you want to remove or a concrete patio to remove. In all of these cases, you will need some form of demolition equipment to get the job done. One of the easiest methods is to go with a jackhammer trolley. If you have never used a jackhammer trolley, here are three reasons to consider it.

Quicker Demolition

The jackhammer trolley allows you to break up the concrete, tile or other material quicker than with a manual jackhammer. This is due to several factors, including the weight being carried mostly on the trolley and the ability to move the trolley as needed with rollers. The mobility of the trolley allows you to move over larger areas in less amount of time and break up the material as you go. You can make several passes over the material to quickly break it up and remove it from the area.


When you use a traditional jackhammer, you are limited on the number of positions you can move. This can limit the ways which you can chip away and hammer at the materials you are trying to break down. With a jackhammer trolley, you can move the trolley in multiple positions and allow yourself the ability to even move at angles that can pry up harder to reach areas. This helps make the demolition process quicker and helps you to get up stubborn pieces of material that may be locked in place otherwise.

Shock Absorption

One benefit that many jackhammer users appreciate is the shock absorption of the trolley. When you are using a manual jackhammer, you are taking on the shock from each jolt of the equipment. This can fatigue your arms and, in some cases, can cause muscle soreness or damage. With the trolley, you do not have to absorb all of the impact and shock. You will still receive some of it, but the vast majority is absorbed by the trolley itself

If you are ready to get started on your project by using a jackhammer trolley, contact your local home improvement center or rental hire. They can help you with your choices, pricing and answering any questions you have about the equipment.