Building and Rebuilding: Unique Blogs on Industrial and Manufacturing PursuitsBuilding and Rebuilding: Unique Blogs on Industrial and Manufacturing Pursuits

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Building and Rebuilding: Unique Blogs on Industrial and Manufacturing Pursuits

Hi. Thank you for reading my blog. I have always loved working with my hands, and my favourite book is "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance". This book explains the importance of fixing things correctly, regardless of how long it takes. It talks about building and rebuilding, and it links the act of fixing a motorcycle to the art of living. I believe it's important to take that concept into every aspect of life including manufacturing. I have been around the manufacturing industry for years, and I've seen what works and what doesn't. In this blog, I hope to provide unique perspectives on industrial and manufacturing pursuits. I hope that my ideas lead you and your business to creating better products, seamless processes and happier, healthier employees. My name is John, and thank you for reading!



A Quick Truck Seat Buying Guide

Having comfortable seats in your truck is a must if you drive for any amount of time during the day. Comfortable seats can keep you healthy and even alert when at the wheel, and they can also reduce the risk of joint pain, back pain, and other such discomfort that is not uncommon with truck drivers. When you're ready for replacement seats for your truck, note a few quick tips on what to look for.

1. Armrests

Many truck seats don't have armrests and certainly these can get in the way of a manual shifter for some truck drivers, but if your truck has an automatic transmission, you might want to invest in armrests. These can help to prevent fatigue in the shoulders and upper arms and even the back as you can naturally rest your arm when one hand is not on the wheel. Resting your arm in your lap or just letting it fall to your side doesn't offer support to the muscles in your arms and shoulders, whereas an armrest will allow for maximum relaxation and comfort.

2. Fabric versus leather

Leather seats can be very comfortable and soft and they clean somewhat easily, but note that the material may hold both heat and cold; this can be especially true if you get black or any other dark color that holds heat, or a very light color that holds cold. If you drive in extreme temperatures, you might need a fabric cover instead. Sheepskin can pull sweat away from the body so you feel more comfortable in hot climates, and it can keep your body heat in place when driving in cold weather so you feel warmer.

3. Number of adjustments

Car seats usually have a limited number of adjustments because it's usually expected that a driver will rarely need to make several adjustments when commuting. However, for truckers and those behind the wheel for hours, you may need to adjust the truck seat several different ways throughout the day. If your legs begin to cramp, you might need to elevate the seated part for better blood circulation. Lifting the seated part up while pushing the backrest back might also alleviate pressure on the lower back. Having air pockets in the seat that you can manually inflate and deflate can also mean alleviating pressure points throughout the day. Choose a seat with as many different adjustments as possible for maximum comfort and to even keep you healthy during long hauls.